Leopardcorgi Creatures

Hi there!

I've always enjoyed creating things and I sometimes have difficulty settling on a specific media. There are so many things to do within the creative world, and so little time for all of them. However I've always loved making things with my hands. Drawing is a lot of fun too, but there's nothing like seeing a physical object come to life in front of you. I've always enjoyed sewing and sculpture, and when I discovered posable dolls, it was the perfect way to combine the two.

I'm currently based in the south east of England, though I'm originally from the north. In addition to artwork love other creative pursuits such as writing, worldbuilding (like many people, I wanted to be a fantasy writer when I grew up), and creating websites (much like this one!) As well as art, I've done work in animal care and data crunching, and I graduated university after studying wildlife biology. I think the world is a great place full of adventure and things to do and learn!

I also love to play games - my favourites are Pokemon, if it wasn't obvious, and the Sims - and read. I'm a sucker for anything involving monsters and creatures, and deep worldbuilding. My favourite books are the Discworld series, and my favourite TV show is Doctor Who. (My favourite Doctor is probably Eleven, if you're wondering.)

I've set up Leopardcorgi Creatures because while sometimes it's scary to strike out on something unusual, I also think you'll regret all the cool things you could have done but never did. To that end I hope to share my world and have fun as I get myself out there. I've enoyed the journey so far, and I hope to keep going for years to come.